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I just realized that in my last post, I mentioned “a couple of clips” and then only gave one example. Below are the other clips that set me off that day. To avoid rehashing everything from the last post, I’ll just say that this is more evidence of completely credulous reporting (if morning shows can really be considered a form of reporting – they’re sort of newsertainment) on what amounts to low-level magic tricks.

First, there’s Connecticut Style‘s segment with relatively well-known Patti Sinclair, a so-called medium in the John Edward vein, preying on people’s grief and fragile emotions in connection to lost loved ones to make money. Note the rather hamfisted cold reading techniques. Dead childhood pet? Really?

Next, there’s clairvoyant Dougall Fraser on Good Morning Texas, giving us psychic advice about Chris Brown and Rihanna and telling us about soul mates. Oh, and he had accurately predicted Obama’s victory. I guess everyone in the effing world is also psychic. Oh, and he has a book to sell and a new one in the works. The new one is about wearing certain colors to change your life. I predict it will suck.

Finally, there’s the video below from WAAY’s 31 News Morning. Again, my apologies for the poor source quality, but my options were limited. This one is particularly hilarious. First, he says that people can come out to a convention to learn about crystal skulls and 2012 end of the world prophecies. This kind of thing blows my mind. It’s like people that still believe the Amityville Horror story, despite the people involved having admitted the hoax. I can’t believe people still buy into crystal skulls. It’s beyond me. Anyway, there’s also a brutal attempt at cold reading and prediction which fails miserably. The anchor doesn’t give him anything to work with, which is pretty funny, especially when he tries to hedge his bets with the elderly family members.

Just think about all of the relevant, important news that could have occupied these spots. Hell, think of the interesting human interest fluff pieces that could have aired instead of these segments. What a waste of resources.



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