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This Song Rips: 108 “Holyname”

108 “Holyname”

I ran into my old friend Chris this weekend at what amounted to the hardcore high school reunion (a.k.a., the Endpoint reunion weekend), and while catching up, we talked a bit about all of the hardcore bands from the 90s reuniting. Bands like Coalesce have turned in really strong new efforts that build on their previous work without sounding dated, and even Earth Crisis put out a record that rages every bit as hard as they did in their heyday, before that unfortunate foray into nu-metal territory. Above all others, though, I was most excited a few years ago when 108 reunited and released A New Beat from a Dead Heart, one of my favorite records of 2007.

I started listening to 108 when Chris gave me their debut album Holyname, a brilliant, passionate blast of hardcore punctuated with interludes of traditional Krishna music and capped off a set of Krishna talks (now only available on their discography collection Creation. Sustenance. Destruction.). Despite the fact that I am not at all interested in the religious message of this album, the overflow of emotion and unbridled energy still get me to this day. The album really should be listened to as a whole (and the CD was originally released as one long track), but the songs all stand on their own. Above is the title track that opens the album. The whole album is incredible, but this song rips.

I won’t settle for this false me. I’ll cry it out: holy name. I’ll cry it out: your holy name.


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