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Old Posts About the Media

I’m currently working on a post about credulity in science reporting and the problem of “balance.” That may still be a few days off, but in the meantime, here are some of my previous thoughts on the media. These are mostly from older blogs on different platforms. There’s not a lot of substance to many of these, and I will probably mine them for future, more developed posts.

Steakcharmer: PR and Journalism
Though generally about one specific incident, this post briefly touches on a topic I find fascinating: public relations, the news industry and the fake news.

Steakcharmer: Local news hyper over substance.
A brief post on the local stations’ need to get news out before actually having a story. It’s the journalistic equivalent of the Youtube “First!” comment.

Steakcharmer: Science/Health reporting posts number 1 and number 2.
Science reporting is generally bad. The first post talks a bit about that, and the second talks about a study that shows that science reporting is bad.

Steakcharmer: Flaws of Broadcast Journalism (intro to a piece by someone else, linked at that article), News Beef Misinterpreted by Bloggers (just a brief facepalm).

Paperdubs on Vox: Woo in Local Broadcasts (brief post is from 2007 and criticizes the legitimization of psychics and “ancient Eastern practices”).

Paperdubs on Livejournal: The Uncertain Future of the Fake News (2007. Dated, but still interesting if you’re interested in the fake news.)


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