dorkMy name is Mike Bigtime, and this blog is called Paperdubs. A cashier at Blockbuster thought it meant that I was rolling on twenty inch rims made of paper. That was not correct, but it is as good an explanation as any for the name of the blog. My name, or nickname as it were, was given to me many years ago and, unfortunately, lacks any interesting explanation, being a product of youth and an uncanny resemblance to an anthropomorphic canine cartoon criminal of the same name.

This blog has primarily been a repository for my thoughts on music or Taoism. While I will continue to explore those topics, as I restart the blog for the umpteenth time, I hope to broaden my scope somewhat. It is likely that science and skepticism, books, my new-found interest in minimalism, Robert E. Howard’s Conan, my attempts at self-improvement, tools that I enjoy using, and more will be subjects of posts at one time or another. I love discussion and will respond to the best of my ability to any comments or e-mails I receive.


3 responses to “About

  1. we published the first vinyl outtake of “the dad horse experience”. are you interested to get a promo 7“? where should i send it? greetings.

  2. what’s up bigtime,

    just got around to reading blog comments – always great to hear from a reader. sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, i’m generally pretty busy with work as this is just a side project of mine. but to answer your question on ff xii, for me it just never clicked. i don’t know if it was the town design or the battle system or characters but it just didn’t happen. every other FF game i’ve played i’ve been hooked within 20 minutes.

    thanks for reading!

    tushar @ technical fowl

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